1. Punctuality

  • Learners must be on the school premises and ready to line up by the set times.

Gr. R – 3 by 7:50 am

       Gr. 4 – 7 by 7:40 am

  • Pupils must be punctual for assembly.

2. Dress

  • Neat and correct uniform must be worn to school.
  • All clothing must be clearly marked.
  • Pupils may not walk with hands in pockets.
  • Pupils must be in correct and complete uniform when entering/leaving the school, as well as out in the community. 

3. Behaviour

  • Pupils will be polite and show respect to fellow pupils and adults at all times.
  • Pupils should walk quietly in single file.  Pupils should stand aside for adults.
  • No rough games are to be played and no obscene language is to be used at any time.
  • A pupil found guilty of damaging school property will pay for the damages and appropriate consequences will follow.
  • Bullying is strictly forbidden.

4. Buildings

–      Pupils may not talk in the passage.

  • Pupils are not allowed to play in the classrooms before school, during break or after school without permission.
  • Pupils may not wander around the school without purpose.
  • Playing in or around the bathrooms is not allowed.
  • The school property and that of other people must be respected at all times.

5. Playgrounds

  • Pupils may not bring bicycles/ scooters/ skateboards to school during the school term.
  • Pupils may not hang on, climb or play on fences, gates or trees.
  • The school grounds must be kept clean and tidy.

6. Illness

  • The school must be informed if a child will not be attending school, as well as the reason for not attending.  A doctor’s certificate is required if a learner is absent for two or more days or is missing an assessment/test/exam.
  • A child may not come to school if he/she:
  • Is coughing badly/ very ill
  • Has vomited in the last 12 hours
  • Has had very loose bowel movements in the last 12 hours
  • Has a temperature above 37 degrees
  • Has any form of rash (unless accompanied by a Doctor’s certificate stating that the rash is not contagious.)
  • Has lice

7. General

  • Pupils may not leave the school grounds during school hours without permission.
  • No knives or any item deemed dangerous may be brought to school.
  • Throwing of stones and dangerous objects is not allowed.
  • Pupils may not remove any school property without permission.
  • Telling of lies and stealing are punishable offences.
  • Pupils are encouraged to participate in at least one extra mural.
  • Pupils may not bring any toys to school without permission.
  • Bubble gum and chewing gum is not permitted at school.
  • Teacher must be informed if a child needs to leave early/ is late/ has been absent.
  • The office or the teacher must be informed if half day children are to be picked up late.
  • Pupils are not permitted to trade any items for personal gain on school grounds.