We encourage a healthy lifestyle and eating.   We provide breakfast for those who are here by 7:15 (we finish serving breakfast by 7.45 in order for class to start promptly) and a cooked meal for all children at lunch time.    The children also have break times, where they will have their snacks (provided by you.) Children who are here for half day need 1 snack and those for full day need to provide 2 snacks.  We do ask that you also provide plenty juice/ water for your child.

We ask that the snacks not include the following:

  • Sweets & chocolate
  • fizzy drinks
  • other ‘junk’ food

On Fridays, however, feel free to pack a special treat for your child.  We also have Bakersman on Fridays.

Please remember to take all bottles and boxes home at the end of each day.

If your child has any food allergies, please make staff aware and note this on your application forms.  We also ask that if your child has any special dietary needs, that you please provide for your child.  Thank you.


A compulsory stationery list is attached.  We ask that you bring all the items in the list on the first day of the new academic year.  A diary ( and school dictionary for Grade 1 – 3) will be provided as part of the school fees, however lost or damaged books need to be replaced at own cost.  Please ensure that all items are clearly marked.

We ask that all children donate a book to the school on their birthday.  This will be helpful in growing our library and encouraging literacy within our school.  A sticker will be placed inside the book with your child’s name and date and your child will hand it over to the school during their birthday assembly.  You will be reminded by your child’s teacher close to the time.  We thank you for your assistance.

The Curriculum

We follow the South African National Curriculum, CAPS, so as to allow for a smooth transition from primary school into high school later on.


Here at Goldwater Prep we feel that children need a time to play and rest and so we have limited homework for our children.

In Grade R, the teachers will send home basic letter recognition and fine motor activities which you can do with your child.

In Grade 1 – 3, the teachers have allocated timeslots in their day to complete any tasks which they would ordinarily send home for homework, including reading, mental maths and activities.

In Grade 4 – 7, homework will only be work which the children have not completed in class, within reason.

Please note, however that parents are still responsible for all additional orals and projects.  We also ask that you encourage your child to read every day as their “homework”, as well as practising their mental maths (bonds and timetables)

Physical Education

Physical Education is a crucial part of every child’s development.  In order to provide the best possible physical development, Kinetic Kids classes are provided as part of your school fees.  This programme provides your child with expert Physical Education by a registered Kinder- Kineticist.  You will receive twice-yearly assessments.

Reggio Emilia Inspiration

As a Reggio Emilia inspired school, the Arts play a huge part in our school ethos. This includes Art, Design, drama, Music and technology.  In order to challenge children’s thinking as young researchers, time is dedicated to integrated Arts in our Art studio each week as part of their curriculum. 

Extra-curricular Activities

We have a variety of extra-murals on offer at our school, with outside agencies covering a range of children’s interests- from academic to sport.  A list of extra-curricular on offer will be given out at the beginning of the academic year.  Some of these are at an additional cost, whereas some are provided free of charge.

Class sizes

We try to stick as close as possible to 18 to 20 children in each class with a teacher.  A teaching assistant is also shared amongst classes.

Working in Partnership with Parents

We would like to work closely with you and your child.

We strive to build a happy and strong link between home and school by:              

  • Sharing information. Exchanging knowledge that may have an effect on your child’s performance at school or home.  For example: an illness of a parent or extended family member, an argument or disagreement or possibly an issue with a brother or sister, absence of staff members and issues or events arising at the school.  Each child receives a diary that goes home daily.  We ask that you sign all notices that go home.  Feel free to write back to us in these books.
  • Having a complaints procedure if you are not happy with any aspect of service delivery. (Please see next page)
  • Encouraging positive relationships between all who are at Goldwater Prep, Children, Fathers, Mothers and visiting non-professionals and professionals.
  • Being available to address any issues or concerns as soon as possible.


It is the school’s policy that all visitors to the building are strangers to the children. Please remember you are a STRANGER to other children. Make your first contact at the office.

It is also important to note that children will only be allowed to be picked up by their parents/ carers, unless a prior arrangement has been made. If so, the person must be over the age of 18.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Equal Opportunities

At our school, we aim to create a positive, non-discriminatory ethos and atmosphere, celebrating diversity. This, we believe, is the joint responsibility of staff, children, parents/carers, and visitors.

Statement of Intent

We are striving to achieve a welcoming, caring environment which both promotes and reflects diversity and is equally accessible to all. We will endeavour to challenge any offensive behaviour or language which prevents a non-discriminatory environment.

Complaints – Getting it right

Goldwater Preparatory School aims to provide high quality care and education.  If for any reason you want to make any comments, have a complaint or are dissatisfied with the care and/or education your child is provided (or which you feel should be provided by us) then please feel free to talk to the teacher.  Should you still feel dissatisfied please make an appointment or alternatively principal.  Please ensure that you follow the correct procedure as rudeness or aggression towards any member of staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Fee Structure & Account Details

All fees are due in advance and may only be paid by stop order by the 1st of each month.  All fees in arrears will automatically have a R150 penalty fee added to their account after the 4th of a month.  Children will not be allowed to return to school if payment is not made by the 7th of the month.  Please see the attachment for our fee structure. 


Only stop orders will be accepted for the payment of school fees.

Notice Period

A calendar month’s written notice period is required for removal of your child from the school.  Payment will be accepted in lieu of notice.  Please note that no notice will be accepted for any child leaving in the last term (from 1 October).  If you would like to withdraw in the final term, then all fees for the final 3 months need to be paid.

We hope you have found this booklet useful and please remember you are welcome to approach any Goldwater Prep member of staff for clarification on any part of this information.

We hope you and your child have a positive experience at Goldwater Prep!

Right Of Admission Reserved

We reserve the right to ask anyone not complying with our rules and regulations to leave without notice or refund.

Banking details:

Account name :  Goldwater Education (Pty) Ltd

Bank :  Standard Bank Port Elizabeth

Branch Code :  050017

Account number : 080 440 037

Reference : Accountholder’s name and child’s name in brackets