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What we offer

We understand that many parents need to work full time and therefore we offer support for various needs.

We are open from 6:30 and close at 17:30. This allows for parents who are working to feel at ease knowing that their child is safe and being taken care of. Parents can decide on Half Day or Full Day Care from Monday to Friday. Please note that half day ends at 14:30 and full day at 17:30. Any late pick-up will incur an additional fee.

Goldwater Prep is open all year round, with the exception of the Easter and Christmas holidays. We are also closed on public holidays and on the Monday or Friday before or after a Tuesday or Thursday public holiday. Throughout the school terms we follow the school curriculum and during the holidays (excluding Easter and Christmas holidays) we run a holiday care for those who need it. This is not an extra payment, but is rather included in the fee structure.

Principal Interview

In order to build a good relationship from day one between you and the school, a meeting will be set up prior to your child’s start date, for you to meet with the principal or deputy principal.

This 20 minute meeting is for both parents (where possible), as well as for your child(ren), to get to know the management and for her to get to know you.

We see this meeting as a priority, so please make every effort to attend.

Equal Opportunities

At our school, we aim to create a positive, non-discriminatory ethos and atmosphere, celebrating diversity. This, we believe, is the joint responsibility of staff, children, parents/carers, and visitors.

Statement of Intent

We are striving to achieve a welcoming, caring environment which both promotes and reflects diversity and is equally accessible to all. We will endeavour to challenge any offensive behaviour or language which prevents a non-discriminatory environment.

Complaints and challenges regarding our anti-bias practice will be seen as a positive part of the school’s development towards being an equal opportunity school.

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