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The Curriculum

We follow the South African National Curriculum, CAPS, so as to allow for a smooth transition from primary school into high school later on

Reggio Emilia Inspiration

As a Reggio Emilia inspired school, Art and Design play a huge part in our school ethos. In order to challenge children’s thinking as young researchers, time is dedicated to Research, design and creativity in our school Atelier (so much more that an Art room). As of 2016, all children will take part in A.R.T (Art, Research and Technology classes) as part of their curriculum.


Homework is an essential part of school life, as it provides consolidation for work covered in the lessons. Children are expected to complete homework on a daily basis. We do, however, feel that children are also in need of time to play and rest, so try no to exceed the recommended time allotments for each Grade.

Grade R to Grade 1: 30 min max
Grade 2 to Grade 4: 30 – 45 min

Physical Education

Phyical Education is crucial as part of every child’s development. In order to provide the best possible ‘’class development” Kinetic Kids classes are provided as part of your school fees. This programme provides your child with expert Physical Education by a registered Kinder- Kineticist. You will be given twice-yearly assessments by the teacher.

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