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We encourage a healthy lifestyle and eating. Breakfast is served at 7.30am (we finish serving breakfast in enough time to enable the students to line up upon the first bell which sounds at 7.50am) and a cooked meal for all children at lunch time. We have a dining area and serve lunch at the tables. This forms part of our life skills coaching. The menu is a fixed menu of nutrious meals and does not cater for individual changes.

The children also have break times, where they will have their snacks (provided by you.) Children who are here for half day need 1 snack and those for full day need to be provided with 2 snacks. We request that you also provide plenty of juice or water for your child.

We ask that the snacks not include the following: On Fridays, however, feel free to pack a special treat for your child. We also have a 'Bakerman' shop on Fridays.
Please remember to take all bottles and boxes home at the end of each day.

If your child has any food allergies, please note this on your application form and make sure that the teacher is aware of these allergies. We also ask that if your child has any special dietary needs, that you please provide for your child. Thank you.

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