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Settling–In Period

We are aware that at first it might take some time for your child to settle into a new environment. We do ask though, that morning goodbyes are quick and you do not linger. This encourages children to become more independent.

We want to make sure that the transition from home or pre-school to school life is as easy and comfortable as possible, for both you and your child.


Attendance & Registration

Please let us know if your child is unwell or unable to attend school for any reason. It is also necessary to inform us of any holidays you will be taking within term time, as well as whether or not they will be attending the holiday care (for catering purposes). Breakfast is served at 7.30am and Class time starts at 8am, so please ensure your child is here promptly. As the school fees are annual and divided by twelve months for your convenience, no discount or refund is given if your child is absent, goes on leave with you or does not require holiday care.



Staff will be happy to listen to and talk to you about any worries/concerns and achievements you may wish to share about your child.

We ask that you remember that our first priority is the children and if for any reason staff are unable to respond to you at the beginning or the end of a session, a separate time to meet you will be arranged as soon as possible.

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